Микросхема AD8603AUJZ-REEL7

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AD8603AUJZ-REEL7The AD8603AUJZ-REEL7 from Analog Devices is a precision micropower, low noise CMOS, rail to rail input/output single operational amplifier in 5 lead TSOT package. This amplifier uses a patented trimming technique that achieves superior precision without laser trimming. The device is fully specified to operate from 1.8V to 5V single supply or from ±0.9V to ±2.5V dual supply. The combination of low offsets, low noise, very low input bias currents, low power consumption, low input voltage and current noise makes the AD8603 especially useful in portable and loop powered instrumentation. The ability to swing rail to rail at both the input and output enables designers to buffer CMOS ADC, DAC, ASIC and other wide output swing devices in low power, single supply systems. The AD8603 has current noise density of 0.05pA/√Hz at f = 1KHz, VS = 5V. Typically applications include battery powered instrumentation, multipole filters, sensors, low power and ASIC input or output amplifiers.

• Maximum micropower of 50µA and slew rate of 0.1V/µs at RL = 10Kohm, VS = 5V
• Low distortion, no phase reversal, unity gain stable
• Input offset voltage of 12µV at VS = 3.3V, VCM = 0.5V and 2.8V
• input bias current of 50pA and input offset current of 250pA at VS = 5V, -40°C < TA < +125°C
• CMRR of 100dB (0V < VCM < 5V, VS = 5V, 40°C < TA < +125°C), PSRR of 100dB (1.8V < VS < 5V)
• Large signal voltage gain of 1000V/mV at RL = 10Kohm, 0.5V < VO < 4.5V, VS = 5V
• 40µA supply current per amplifier at VO = 0V, VS = 5V, -40°C