Микросхема ADG719BRTZ

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Корпус sot-23-6
Analog Switch ON Resistance 12 3V(ohm)
Analog Switch Turn Off Time 4(Typ)3V(ns)
Analog Switch Turn On Time 10(Typ)3V(ns)
Chip Enable Signals Yes
Dual Supply Voltage (Max) Not Required(V)
Dual Supply Voltage (Min) Not Required(V)
Dual Supply Voltage (Typ) Not Required(V)
Frequency (Max) 200(TYP)5V(MHz)
High Level Output Current 30(mA)
Input Signal Type SINGLE
Mounting Surface Mount
Multiplexer Configuration Single SPDT
Number of Channels 1
Number of Inputs 1
Number of Outputs 2
Operating Temp Range -40C to 125C
Operating Temperature Classification Automotive
Output Signal Type SINGLE
Package Type SOT-23
Packaging Tape and Reel
Pin Count 6
Power Dissipation 0.282(W)
Power Supply Requirement Single
Rad Hardened No
Single Supply Voltage (Max) 5.5(V)
Single Supply Voltage (Min) 1.8(V)
Single Supply Voltage (Typ) 3/5(V)
Special Features BREAK-BEFORE-MAKE
Supply Current 0.001 mA
Switch Control Logic ACTIVE LOW/HIGH
Switch Normal Position NO/NC
Type Analog Switch
Вес, г 0.01