Микросхема LM5007MM/NOPB, DC-DC преобразователь Step-Down 0.5A

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LM5007MM/NOPB, DC-DC преобразователь Step-Down 0.5A …The LM5007MM is a Step-down Switching Regulator features all of the functions needed to implement low cost, efficient, Buck bias regulators. This high voltage regulator contains an 80V, 0.7A N-channel buck switch. The regulator is based on a hysteretic control scheme using an on time inversely proportional to VIN. This feature allows the operating frequency to remain relatively constant with load and input voltage variations. The hysteretic control requires no control loop compensation, while providing very fast load transient response. An intelligent current limit is implemented in the LM5007 with forced off time that is inversely proportional to VOUT. This current limiting scheme reduces load current foldback. Additional protection features include: Thermal Shutdown, Vcc under-voltage lockout, gate drive under-voltage lockout and max duty cycle limiter.

• Integrated 80V, 0.7A N-channel buck switch
• Internal HV Vcc regulator
• No control loop compensation required
• Ultra-fast transient response
• On time varies inversely with line voltage
• Operating frequency nearly constant with varying line voltage
• Adjustable output voltage
• Highly efficient operation
• Precision reference
• Low bias current
• Intelligent current limit protection
• Thermal shutdown
• External shutdown control